Browse FAQs About Our Dance Training Academy

RAPA’s academic structure is based on the school year, which runs from August 16th through June 15th (with an optional Summer Session offered in July/August). Students can ENROLL for a class during our OPEN ENROLLMENT periods (August – September, and January – February). Contact the office if you are trying to enroll outside of the Open Enrollment period.

All Yoga, Fitness, Ballroom, and Social Dance classes are WALK-IN throughout the year and do not follow the same academic calendar above.

RAPA holds 2 large-scale student performances each year:

  • RAPA Wintertastic™ is held every December/January
  • RAPA Summersational™ is held every May/June


Follow these step-by-step instructions to register for classes:

  • Click on the Register tab above.
  • Set up a new family account. Once you've registered your family info and signed the online waiver form, select "enroll in a class." You will then be shown a list of classes available to you based on your age and location.
  • To complete the enrollment process, you must follow the prompts to completely "check out."

Your enrollment will be canceled unless you finish the enrollment process and check out.

  • Students must bring a labeled water bottle to every class.
  • All long hair must be tied back neatly in a ponytail or bun.
  • Wear comfortable and age-appropriate dance wear to every class
  • NO skirts or dresses
  • NO denim or jeans
  • NO jewelry
  • NO midriffs or halters

BALLET: Solid-colored leotard, ballet tights, ballet slippers

JAZZ: Jazz shoes required

HIP-HOP: Sneakers required

All ITP (Intensive Training Program) students are required to adhere to a strict dress code for all black dance wear, with hair neatly tied back in a ponytail or bun.

Parents, please wait OUTSIDE prior to and during the class.

Parents are invited to observe the class only during the last 5 – 10 minutes of each class.

NO videography or photography is allowed in classes or performances. RAPA provides class and performance videos/pictures to you at no additional charge.

Tuition for all REGULAR CLASSES are as follows:

  • All Pre-K Level Classes are 45 minutes in length, and tuition is $750 per school year divided into equal monthly payments of $75 per month.
  • All Kids, Jr., Teens, and Adults Level Classes are 55 minutes in length, and tuition is $850 per school year divided into equal monthly payments of $85 per month.
  • All Yoga, Fitness, Ballroom, and Social Dance classes have both walk-in and class pass options available. View the registration page or call the office for more information.
  • RAPA’s SHOWKIDS™, INTENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAM™ (ITP), and Adults Intensive classes have different tuition structures and contracts, which are given upon Audition and acceptance into the program.
  • Family, Multi-Class, and Sibling Discounts: A 10% discount will be applied to any additional classes taken per session. Families with more than one enrolled student (sibling or parent) are also given a 10% discount on the second family member’s tuition (this discount cannot be used in combination with any other discounts).

There are NO Registration Fees, NO Performance Fees, and NO Costume Fees.


There are no make-up classes available for students who miss a class. For your convenience, RAPA follows the public school calendar so that class holidays will coincide with school holidays (i.e., no classes during Thanksgiving/Winter Break/Spring Break). Additionally, we send home weekly practice videos in case you miss a class, so you can still practice at home. Since class size is limited, each student's enrollment in the class represents a reservation of his/her spot. Missed classes in no way reduce the tuition fee. In the rare event that RAPA is forced to cancel a class under extreme and/or emergent circumstances, each family will be notified as early as possible, and the students will be given either a make-up class date or credit for the canceled class.

RAPA does not offer any refunds for missed classes, including withdrawal from the school, vacation, illness, or dismissal for any reason. The only exception to this is in the case of a documented medical emergency. Students can withdraw from the program at ANY time. However, any family wishing to withdraw from the program mid-year (prior to June 15th) is subject to a $40 early withdrawal fee. All paid tuition must be used by the student it was intended for and for the session it was deducted for. Payments are non-transferable to other family members and cannot be used as a credit toward any future sessions (documented medical emergencies are excepted, please contact the office directly).